OPN Connect Newsletter 136 · October 10, 2019

EcoStadt Technologies Innovating in Organics

EcoStadt Technologies is a family-owned company started in 2012 by Dr. Sen Ramasamy, who had decades of experience in the organics industry.

 “We saw an underserved niche that had a huge potential to grow in the future,” said Sujay Senrayan, chief marketing officer for the Folsom, CA-based company, and son of Ramasamy. “The existing products in the niche were either over-priced or not very effective. But most importantly, we wanted to bring products to the market which are 100 percent safe and free of chemical contaminants and truly organic.”

Sujay Senrayan, chief marketing officer, EcoStadt Technologies

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The company also aimed to bring innovative world-class organic products to the market at a much more reasonable cost.

“We knew we would be helping our growers by playing to our strengths,” Senrayan said. “For instance, one of our core strengths is supply chain management; we have the wide-ranging manufacturing capability to go from farm fresh raw ingredients to finished product. We source the raw ingredients, process them, manufacture and package the final product. We primarily do this to have a tight hold on quality control to ensure the highest product quality and product safety standards.”

The company works with a wide array of items ranging from fruits, vegetables, nuts and even cotton.

Anthonys Organics

EcoStadt has been expanding its portfolio of organic products year after year. It started with organic nutrient products and has now expanded into the biopesticide category as well with the release of EcoWorks EC, its brand-new EPA-registered 4-in-1 Insecticide, Miticide, Nematicide and Fungicide derived from cold-pressed neem oil.

“Our goal is to keep expanding into new product niches and offer products that are extremely efficacious while still being economically priced,” Senrayan said. “Our company philosophy is very simple: we want every person who transacts with us to benefit mutually. We obsess over helping our customers in any way possible while trying to provide high-quality products at a cost-effective price. After all, our success is dependent on our customers’ success.” 


The company’s main challenge as organics continue to go mainstream is awareness and education.

“As more conventional acreage is converted to organics, there is a large amount of misinformation regarding how organic products function and how they must be used,” Senrayan said. “They are often compared to their inorganic counterparts and their method of action. However, this is normal in any industry that is growing at such a rapid pace, especially now with more conventional growers transitioning to organic growing than ever before.”

Still, EcoStadt sees this as a golden opportunity to help its growers make the transition and avoid any expensive or time-consuming mistakes, using innovation and decades of experience to make a difference.


“We are currently in the process of developing and registering many more products that will work exceptionally well in conjunction with our existing products,” Senrayan said. “New product offerings and R&D are always an ongoing effort, especially since we have to constantly navigate a plethora of rigorous regulations, registrations and testing across various government agencies in order to keep our organic product status.”

The company sees this as a wonderful opportunity to provide its growers as well as the industry with 100 percent safe and truly organic products that have been tested time and again to ensure the highest product safety standards.


“Companies like us are extremely important today because we are at the forefront of the organics industry as it continues growing at a dizzying rate,” Senrayan said. “We have weathered the storm for the past couple decades when organics was not mainstream, and misinformation was at an all-time high. Over the years, we have steadily trail-blazed and helped growers make the transition from conventional to organics.”.

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