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OPN Connect Newsletter 142

Dr. Bee, Chilean Blueberries, Pelger on Organic Pricing at Retail, AZOMITE, and More...

November 21, 2019
November 21, 2019

Organic blueberries are leading the way with regard to organic fruit from Chile, but growers are also adding other organic fruits to the mix with the overall category registering strong growth.

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November 21, 2019

Dr. Ron Lin runs an organic blueberry farm and a large beekeeping business in British Columbia. While the last decade has been devastating for bees, Lin has experienced very little hive loss and currently oversees a population of 100 million honey bees! He says organic farming is ideal for bee health and encourages organic farmers to keep their own bees to improve yields and crop quality and to reduce the need for costly pollination services.  

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November 21, 2019

While I was visiting and talking to a produce manager about their organic sales, a customer was seen browsing items in that section. At first, the shopper picked up a stalk of celery and a head of Iceberg lettuce from the organic display. Moments later, she saw the same two items in the conventional section. The customer then placed the organic items back onto the organic display and chose the two conventional items instead.

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Nature Safe

November 7, 2019

Almost 80 years ago, a San Francisco entrepreneur traveled to Utah to explore a naturally formed deposit that was said to be chock full of beneficial minerals.  Rollin Anderson analyzed his findings, found the rumors to be true, staked a claim, and developed a mine in Central Utah.

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November 21, 2019

1. The Grocery Store Where Produce Meets Politics

2. Fulfilling Honeycrisp Sales Dreams

3. Organic Farm School Offers New Career Path

4. Grimmway Hosts Community Cleanup Day

5. Presidential Candidates to Discuss Organic and Regenerative Agriculture with Iowa Farmers

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